Listing Agreement

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ROCO Enterprises
Pier 7 Condominiums
Colonial Acres Resort
114 Standish Way
West Yarmouth, MA 02673
508-775-0935 ext. 409
FAX 508-775-4515

ROCO Enterprises will now be accepting any and all owner listings for the resale of timeshare units for the above-mentioned resorts.

Per this agreement ROCO Enterprises will not charge any owner a listing fee or any other up front fee.

Per this agreement ROCO Enterprises will charge a 30% service fee at the time of sale. The 30% service fee will be deducted from the total sale amount at the time of sale. The buyer will be charged all closing costs. There is no guarantee that your timeshare will be sold.

All owners who list their timeshare property must remain in good standing with the resort and all maintenance fees must be current in order to list the property.

All owners who have mortgages that are paid in full must have discharged said mortgage. All owners who have an outstanding mortgage must be in good standing with finance company.

Owner1 Name: (Please Print)__________________________Date:_______________
Daytime Telephone:

Owner1 Signature:___________________________________

Owner2 Name: (Please Print)__________________________Date:_______________
Daytime Telephone:

Owner2 Signature:___________________________________

Unit #: Interval #: Ownership: All Even Odd (Circle One)

Paid in Full: Yes No Financing: Yes No (Please Circle One)

Listing Price: $________________________.00 and / or BEST OFFER

ROCO Enterprises will accept all reasonable offers made and will present them to the owner at such time and the owner will make the final decision.

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